Many sites out there will get their discount strains from post-extracted flowers: product that is used to make oil or shatter leeched of most of its THC and CBD using compounds such as Butane.  Others may get an old batch months over is best before date that’s stale, dry and without the smell that we love.

When that smell goes so do the terpenes as they have evaporated off, losing the individual characteristics of the strain.  Here at Buds On Roses we will never do that.  Each of our growers is tied to their brand and their reputation is everything to them.


Our wholesale buyers are veterans of the industry with decades of experience that allows them to insure the quality if the flowers you see here in our cheap weed online section.  There are a number of reasons we may get access to discounted flowers but the most common is just plain oversupply in the market or perhaps the quad strain one of our grower had a room that just didn’t come out just right.

Our growers care so much about the quality of their product that they can’t sell it at full price, it’s just doesn’t seem right to them.  So it may not be a pure quad flower but it’s still AAA weed. You’ll also find strains that we’re expecting a new delivery of soon so we’ll discount what we have left to clear it out for the new batch.  Discounts also help growers get more exposure for their strain so we do campaigns with them to help with that.  We don’t sell “shwag” and never will, we love weed too.


Ashley samples everything so she’s become particularly picky these days to be honest. When you buy cheap weed online always make sure you do your research so you don’t get burned as a lot of sites claim their budget buds to be high quality but in reality they are washed weed that has been stripped of all terps and cannabinoids. That’s nasty as there can be solvent residue on the flower. Check out our reviews to be sure you get the info you need.

Our focus is to support the best weed edibles Canada to allow our members the ability to order online weed gummies, CBD gummies, and specialty edibles like artisanal chocolates and full spectrum products.


For people who don’t enjoy smoking, we offer a huge selection of high-quality marijuana products to let them experience the benefits of weed. The most popular of these are THC-infused edibles that come in various forms like baked goods, THC gummies, chocolate bars and more. Our edibles are made using premium-quality concentrates and flower and deliver the potency you are looking for. Totally discreet and convenient to use on the go, these products make it easy to take your daily dose of medication wherever you are.

Here, at Buds On Rose, even the most demanding user will be pleased to get a wide range of mouth-watering options to choose from. With so many tasty treats and snacks available in different concentrations, you are sure to find something that suits your needs and preferences. Whether you are a first-timer looking for a small dose or want to try something that delivers the optimum pleasure and relief, this is the right spot to buy edibles in Canada. We source the edibles from some of the most reputed brands and deliver your products discreetly to your door.

We believe that everybody should be able to access the medical benefits of marijuana and make the process simple and quick for you. We offer these products at the most reasonable prices so that you get premium-quality edibles without having to pay too much.


Like a jetpack-wielding, thrill-seeking rocket-person with an express ticket to the galaxy, you have made the decision to live your life at the crossroads of adrenaline, adventure, and advanced cannabis achievements. You have answered the potent gummy call to freedom and euphoria. You are a edibles person, and as such, you are going to be in search of the best weed gummies for your specific needs.

Here at Buds On Rose, that weed gummies call is one that we answer innumerable times per day. It is a call that we work hard to ensure that we answer well as we help fellow eaters shop a wide-range of the top weed gummies for their needs. While there are a great many aspects to cannabis, infused gummies are one piece of the puzzle that is paramount to all others. Simply put, after you decide to join the ranks of the worldwide edibles army, buying the right edible for you will make your life so much better. Once you find that golden ticket all of your searching will be done!

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